Traditional & Digital Paintings by Anjeanette Illustration. Click to see larger.

A look into the step by step process...

Here is a two hour "speed painting" screen capture video I did recently. I use photo refs usually for digital paintings- or just imagination!

work in progress, completed below- Glass Mountain by Anjeanette Illustration

Glass Mountain by Anjeanette Illustration

Glazing technique

Glazing is a traditional physical painting technique where first one paints in greyscale monochrome to devolop form and shadows, and then glazed color over their two toned paintings to create deeper richer, often more life like work. Pretty much the same process is used in digital painting, in programs like Photoshop, Krita, and Procreate- the glazing going over several program layers instead of physical canvas!

digital painting artist anjeanette illustration

Not all of my work is created via Digital Glazing, and most def is not created to look realistic,  but its pretty interesting and folks often ask! So many artists to check out who do this - just Google or Youtube search for them!