Emporer Master Study | Phoenix Digital Painter | Anjeanette Illustration

How do I keep calm and collected a few days before a big event? Painting of course! Fast Forwarded this video of a quick 30 min master study I did this morning. Used only the Concept cookie chalk brush. No tracing- drawn from 'scratch' on my super awesome favorite and old model Wacom Inuos 3 Graphic tablet. I recently tried out a 13" Cintiq for a year...and did not like it. The tablet itself felt great, stand was weird for me, but the issue was the size. My nearsightedness is less than ideal, I would need the 18"x24" version of that to be able to see as I prefer to see the whole work at once (if I zoom in a lot on areas I loose sight of the whole and it gets ugly fast y'all). Drawing while looking up vs looking down has become pretty second nature to me from all those years of life drawing- we were once trained to look more at the subject than our drawing. Everyone has a way that works for them, not necessarily wrong ways, but I had a hard time looking down at the drawing. Obviously I look right at Maytryoshka's and physical acrylic paintings as I make them, right? Yet something about pencil charcoals, drawings from life, and digital paintings is that I am more comfortable looking up, and at a reference than down at my work down...mental shrug! Speaking of drawing from life- there are several options in Nashville to do so! I like Channel to Channels Nashville Figure drawing sessions. Drink n' Draw is a weekly figure model social dedicated to providing a weekly space for artists to exercise their skills with the gold standard of drawing. Drinking is optional, but the models are trained art models, the lighting is simple and perfect, and the artists are friendly and relaxed. Except that one guy. No, just kidding! everyone has a great calm vibe, and some wonderful artists to be inspired by every week! I do not make it as often as I wish I could, however I learn so much and improve everytime I do. A few of my life drawing studies can be seen at the bottom of that link.