Black Friday 2015 | Agape Antler Matryoshka Dolls | Anjeanette Illustration

So instead of rushing out to shop how about rushing out to scavenger hunt for free art?

Jeff Bertrand put out a call for 3,000 Free Art Friday drops this Black Friday!!!

Here are my contributions:

1. 20x20 Baby Metal digital art print which originally hang as a part of

Blackbird Tattoo and Art Gallery's Metal show I am the original artist of this piece, this is a print of my digital painting.

2. Two sets of a three part

Matryoshka series I am calling the

Agape Antler Dolls this is set 2/3 and 1/3. I will finish up 3/3 some time later....

I will drop them separately but these babies are SMALL and FRAGILE> need to sculpt the antlers next time I try this, drill holes for them and use different glue. Anyways, they are super cute, definitely tested my eyes and brush stroke techniques! That is a US quarter pictured with some of them for scale.

I will be dropping these around town, and the FIRST clues will be on my Instagram

PLEASE if found post on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags #fafnash or # #famn‬

Happy Hunting! More about Free Art Friday and FAFNASH here.


UPDATE: The drops were successful 2/3- no idea if the print (left on the bushes in front of Fuji in Rivergate) was picked up? It was a full 24 hours before the rain bgan and clearly marked FREE ART so hopefully someone has it!!

Here is how the others looked with clues at drop off