Breakfast Doodles | Phoenix Artist & Illustrator Anjeanette

I was thinking about my complete inability to master Snapchat, and it brought to mind those old mama's saying like "if you keep making those faces your face is gonna get stuck that way permanently!"

 "Stuck That Way" 2018, Digital (Photoshop and Kyle Webster brushes)

"Stuck That Way" 2018, Digital (Photoshop and Kyle Webster brushes)

The kids and I looked it up, totally inaccurate per scientific research. So if filters are the pulling faces of today, don't be scared to get slapped on the back- even if you do the antlers and rainbow puke won't stay there forever!

The starting doodles

WIP (work in progess) video

Rone | Nashville Packing Plant Mural 2014 | Portrait by Anjeanette Photography

Just a quick recap of a mural portrait I took of Rone in 2014. Fantastic article about Aussie native street artist by none other than Joe Nolan here.


This was Rone's FIRST Nashville mural, on the side of The Packing Plant in the Wedgewood-Houston arts district a heartbeat away from the old Sounds stadium.

best headshot pictures deer valley peoria phoenix arizona professional corporate head shot business card real estate photos actor portraits photographer anjeanette photography
best headshot pictures deer valley peoria phoenix arizona professional corporate head shot business card real estate photos actor portraits photographer anjeanette photography


Of course Rone came back for the spectacular downtown mural on the East wall of Cornerstone building on Church street- NOT to be missed.

Check out that mural and all the amazing muralists that are a part of the Nashville Walls Project here.

Black Friday 2015 | Agape Antler Matryoshka Dolls | Anjeanette Illustration

So instead of rushing out to shop how about rushing out to scavenger hunt for free art?

Jeff Bertrand put out a call for 3,000 Free Art Friday drops this Black Friday!!!

Here are my contributions:

1. 20x20 Baby Metal digital art print which originally hang as a part of

Blackbird Tattoo and Art Gallery's Metal show I am the original artist of this piece, this is a print of my digital painting.

2. Two sets of a three part

Matryoshka series I am calling the

Agape Antler Dolls this is set 2/3 and 1/3. I will finish up 3/3 some time later....

I will drop them separately but these babies are SMALL and FRAGILE> need to sculpt the antlers next time I try this, drill holes for them and use different glue. Anyways, they are super cute, definitely tested my eyes and brush stroke techniques! That is a US quarter pictured with some of them for scale.

I will be dropping these around town, and the FIRST clues will be on my Instagram

PLEASE if found post on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags #fafnash or # #famn‬

Happy Hunting! More about Free Art Friday and FAFNASH here.


UPDATE: The drops were successful 2/3- no idea if the print (left on the bushes in front of Fuji in Rivergate) was picked up? It was a full 24 hours before the rain bgan and clearly marked FREE ART so hopefully someone has it!!

Here is how the others looked with clues at drop off

Emporer Master Study | Phoenix Digital Painter | Anjeanette Illustration

How do I keep calm and collected a few days before a big event? Painting of course! Fast Forwarded this video of a quick 30 min master study I did this morning. Used only the Concept cookie chalk brush. No tracing- drawn from 'scratch' on my super awesome favorite and old model Wacom Inuos 3 Graphic tablet. I recently tried out a 13" Cintiq for a year...and did not like it. The tablet itself felt great, stand was weird for me, but the issue was the size. My nearsightedness is less than ideal, I would need the 18"x24" version of that to be able to see as I prefer to see the whole work at once (if I zoom in a lot on areas I loose sight of the whole and it gets ugly fast y'all). Drawing while looking up vs looking down has become pretty second nature to me from all those years of life drawing- we were once trained to look more at the subject than our drawing. Everyone has a way that works for them, not necessarily wrong ways, but I had a hard time looking down at the drawing. Obviously I look right at Maytryoshka's and physical acrylic paintings as I make them, right? Yet something about pencil charcoals, drawings from life, and digital paintings is that I am more comfortable looking up, and at a reference than down at my work down...mental shrug! Speaking of drawing from life- there are several options in Nashville to do so! I like Channel to Channels Nashville Figure drawing sessions. Drink n' Draw is a weekly figure model social dedicated to providing a weekly space for artists to exercise their skills with the gold standard of drawing. Drinking is optional, but the models are trained art models, the lighting is simple and perfect, and the artists are friendly and relaxed. Except that one guy. No, just kidding! everyone has a great calm vibe, and some wonderful artists to be inspired by every week! I do not make it as often as I wish I could, however I learn so much and improve everytime I do. A few of my life drawing studies can be seen at the bottom of that link.

Follow Friday | Art Hero Tara McPherson visits Nashville!

Ok so technically I am a few days late for Follow Friday, I got a really good reason though, I was waiting for Saturday. Yesterday I got the amazing blessing to meet real life in person the fantastic Tara McPherson!!
I heard about her Cotton Candy Machine Pop Up shop from Jeff Bertrand, who heard about it from Abby Coppage- and we all pretty seriously geeky out. Gushing even :)
I arrived about 30 mins way early to Fond Object on MacGavock in Nashville because I was so excited. It was pretty funny for my daughter who just smiled and shook her head at me while we browsed and I shifted nervously from foot to foot. Hey, you just don't go to college and a major portion of your life following this fantastic artist and drooling over all their creations without getting excited to meet them 'in the live'. After the shop was set up inside the funky vintage and record store, the first few folks who had arrived crowded around Tara and were gifted these amazing little prints of "The Water Nebula"!

 The first fans got this epic little  The Water Nebula  print! Its on a thick watercolour paper, beautifully rich, very sweet.

The first fans got this epic little The Water Nebula print! Its on a thick watercolour paper, beautifully rich, very sweet.

Tara was great, down to earth and kind. It struck me how odd it must be to be famous- I did well not to gush or say anything too weird but my introverted self thought of how odd it would be if the tables were turned. I would probably want a screen that I stuck my hand out of to sign work and would be completely overwhelmed to pose for photos with strangers! To us, she is no stranger of course as we have watched her artwork skyrocket- how bizarrely weird and neat must it be to have all these folks asking for photos and signatures?

The Sword Swallower by Tara McPherson image property of Tara McPherson The Cotton Candy Machine

Tara personalized it for me - Check out her store for your own copy here
I got up the courage to give her the tiny Matryoshka doll I made for her that morning and bought an incredible giclee of the "Sword Swallower" . This print is so beautiful in person, rich and matte with her signature colours- no photo can do it justice. It makes me really think about how to frame it because I def want to protect it- but I hate to cover any of the texture with shiny glass! As well I got a 8'x8' of "The Day's Eye - Lily", one of these fantastic eyeball flowers she makes.

artwork by Tara McPherson image property of Tara McPherson The Cotton Candy Machine

It was very hard to choose between her eye flowers! The Day's Eye - Lily by Tara McPherson

matryoshka doll by Anjeanette, Instagram by Tara McPherson image property of Tara McPherson The Cotton Candy Machine

SO yeah, normally cool, calm, collected me (snort) geeked out! I hope Tara enjoyed Nashville and comes to visit again!!
There are a few more places and stops on The Cotton Candy Machine tour! Check out the info here on the shop blog!

artwork by Tara McPherson image property of Tara McPherson The Cotton Candy Machine

And if for some strange reason your not already following her, fix that nonsense right away!
Tara's site contains mature content. All artwork © Tara McPherson 2002-2016.

I've got friends in Westworld places | Nashville Low Brow art at Turnip Green | Phoenix Artist Anjeanette Illustration

One night only special event of Western/Android themed art!!

The cast of names to connect
Abby Coppage
Anjeanette Illustration
Brandt Hardin
Chad Spann
Charles V. Bennett
Grant Cooley
Jeff Bertrand
Drew Camino
Joshua David Sarver

Once again Joe Melanson brought together a rag tag posse of outsider low brow artists for an amazing event! Food artist Amy Elizabeth classied the joint up with Chipotle BBQ mini sausages, Smoked ham bites with apple, Mini biscuits, &  Hot Pepper Iced mini corn muffins along with piles of Valentines sweets.

The artists from LtoR: Chad Spann, Charles V. Bennett, Anjeanette Illustration, Joshua David Sarver, Jeff Bertrand, Curator Joe Melenson, Brandt Hardin. Not pictured: Grant Cooley & Abby Coppage (only because my bedtime was a lot earlier than hers)

More photos and event info is on Brandt Hardins DREG studios blog!

Nashville art show FAMN Art Show | Anjeanette Illustration | Turnip Green Creative Reuse

Excited my work will be a part of an excited Free Art Movement group show this week!

Here is the press release info

"Please join us in the Green Gallery Thursday, December 17, for a very special exhibit featuring friends of the Free Art Movement Nashville (FAMN). FAMN is a group that is committed to sharing art in Nashville. Artists in this group make art for anyone that is willing to seek it out. This show honors their dedication to making Nashville and art-filled city. The art featured was created with reuse in mind, and is reasonably priced, most below $100. Each piece supports the local artist that created it and Turnip Green Creative Reuse. Local educator and musician, Ryan Mullenix, will be providing music for us.
We will have a full artist marketplace, a make it and take it project, membership sign-ups, and as always, food, drink and great friends will be in the house. Our friends at Platetone Printmaking, Paper and Book Arts will host a fun art making open studio."

Whats FAMN? I have talked about it a lot beforehere and on my Instagram

Check out the other posts and the

FAMN Facebook page for more info.

I grabbed a bunch of stuff to create on at TGR- and was seriously overwhelmed with options. I felt like touching everything in the various bins and boxes. TGR is basically a magical thrift shop art store of tools and possibilities! I learned something about myself, which I pretty much do every time I create- but this time I learned about incorporating levels, made goals about how much more practice with different mediums and shapes I needed, and realized how much I loathe painting on ceramic. Love wood, sticking to that from now on!

Phoenix artist Anjeanette Illustration digital painter arizona
Phoenix artist Anjeanette Illustration digital painter arizona


2015, ceramic & glass tiles, acrylic paint, on wood. 

This piece is significant for me as it represents dependence on devices, and my disconnection from self, environment, and spirituality. What makes us always available and connected to each other results in rooms of silent people communicating only with their thumbs. Being active on social media and hyper aware of each others lives also allows people to trance out from reality. Service or battery disruption leads to a person disconnecting from their thoughts, feelings, memories or sense of identity. Its personal-the screen goes blank and the connection to life seems ‘unreal’ and is lost.

As always influenced by traditional Iconography style and colours.

Synesthesia Literary Journal | Phoenix Artist Anjeanette Illustration

I was so excited to have my work featured on the covers, and some interior pages of
Synesthesia Literary Journal!

Check out this post to see more and be immersed in beautiful prose and stories from fellow contributors:

Synesthesia Literary Journal

Connect with them on Facebook
or Twitter

What is Synesthesia ? Get ready to go down a fascinating and amazing rabbit hole! Here is a good site to start you out: LiveScience