Super fun trendy Instagram art challenges! | Summer 2018 | Anjeanette Illustration

I hope no one is quite too tired of the Redraw In Your Style art challenge- because I am in love with it!

What a great way to break out of a box, loosen up, learn how people create, get inspired, and show some art fan love!!!

Search these hashtags on IG for some amazing eye candy. Lots of folks like myself are using the new IGTV (Instagram TV) feature to post longer process videos as well- I do love a painting timelapse! Thank you, everyone, for making such an epic summer of art & painting!

In no particular order- my redraws :)

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Jeffree Star Fan Portrait | Digital Paint & Colour | Anjeanette Illustration

"Practice in Public"- Jeff Goins, Real Artists Don’t Starve

"To sketch @jeffreestar Take equal parts Lestat and Roman Goddess Venus, add 1/2 ounce Superfine Sugar, Apply sass liberally with the best brushes!"- me, being silly

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About this sketch and digital painting:

 I love Jeffree Star’s bone structure and he is a wizard at makeups- however, his bare face is really amazing to me. A week ago I got to sketch- what better way to relax then the fancy cosmopolitan drink that is J star?? 

In Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos Draw Creative Pen Tablet, I used Kyle T Webster brushes (my favorites) to try for an 18th century Marquis Aristocrat meets Modern posh vibe…a little bit kinda Sofia Coppola's Antionette-ish?

Lots of mistakes this time mainly due to the fact that I did not plan out the hair correctly and ended up playing with different styles on and on. But that was also a lot of fun so…shrug? I tried to keep it down to under 8 mins by clipping out the bits where I tried his trademark magenta hair (its fantastic on him but just wasn’t working with this palette to me) speeding up the screen recording to 2000 speed! Zoom zoom and all y’all!

Just a fun fan portrait, I do not claim nor own any intellectual property of the portrait subject, only this painting, etc etc.


Jeff Goins

Thank you for the music!
“Crazy” by Dizaro
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Self Portrait May 2018 | Anjeanette Illusration

Quick video of how I coloured today's self portrait, with the first sketch and digital painting below. Def inspired by my "Master Study" challenge from yesterday of a painting by the amazing Sara Tepes! Sara is ALL the Ooh-La-La y'all!

I painted in Photoshop, using mostly Kyle T Webster brushes. I imported a phone photo of my pencil drawing to paint over. This technique os called 'glazing' where you paint completely in monochrome and then layer by layer add small percentages of colour. The digital equivilant to a glazed oil painting?

The self portrait is mine, the master study of Sara's work below is not mine- well the drawing I did yesterday was in my hand BUT the concept and original artwork is all hers. Whats the point of doing a Master Copy Study? To continue to grow in technique and experience! I have been painting and drawing all my life, but recently committed to 10,000 hours of practice in 2018 & 19 as suggested by Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers: The Story of Success

Self Portrait May 2018 with sketch.jpg

A Master Study of work I admire seemed like a great addition to 10,000 hours of practice. I believe I did some master studies when I was enrolled in the Oatley Academy, and I KNOW I did them at SCAD. So. Many. Studies.

The point ISN'T to try to BE and STYLE just like another artist- its to learn from their process and then apply it to your own! I personally don't feel one has to "find" their style- I really think its a part of you, your story, and it just oozes out everytime you pick up a pen. Like, even with my study of Sara Tepe's painting... it is different. It's def not exactly like Sara's and never would I try to pass it off as hers! But watching her paint on her youtube account and trying my hand at it taught me a lot that I can apply to my personal work.


Interesting links on Master Studies:

Breakfast Doodles | Phoenix Artist & Illustrator Anjeanette

I was thinking about my complete inability to master Snapchat, and it brought to mind those old mama's saying like "if you keep making those faces your face is gonna get stuck that way permanently!"

 "Stuck That Way" 2018, Digital (Photoshop and Kyle Webster brushes)

"Stuck That Way" 2018, Digital (Photoshop and Kyle Webster brushes)

The kids and I looked it up, totally inaccurate per scientific research. So if filters are the pulling faces of today, don't be scared to get slapped on the back- even if you do the antlers and rainbow puke won't stay there forever!

The starting doodles

WIP (work in progess) video

Rone | Nashville Packing Plant Mural 2014 | Portrait by Anjeanette Photography

Just a quick recap of a mural portrait I took of Rone in 2014. Fantastic article about Aussie native street artist by none other than Joe Nolan here.


This was Rone's FIRST Nashville mural, on the side of The Packing Plant in the Wedgewood-Houston arts district a heartbeat away from the old Sounds stadium.

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best headshot pictures deer valley peoria phoenix arizona professional corporate head shot business card real estate photos actor portraits photographer anjeanette photography


Of course Rone came back for the spectacular downtown mural on the East wall of Cornerstone building on Church street- NOT to be missed.

Check out that mural and all the amazing muralists that are a part of the Nashville Walls Project here.