Primarily a pop culture low-brow portrait and fantasy artist, Anjeanette has created everything from logos to oil landscapes to commercial illustrations and caricatures. At an amusement park. Sometimes in the rain.
Her preferred mediums are Charcoal, Oil paints and Digital paintings and photography.

Anjeanette uses her education as a fine artist and digital painter in her professional photography. Her photography website can be viewed here.

Educated at the Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating in 1999 with a BFA in Illustration, Magna Cum Laude. she has shown in several solo and group fine art and low brow gallery exhibitions in Savannah Georgia, Houston Texas, Detroit and Lansing Michigan, Nashville TN, and Phoenix Arizona.

What is Digital Painting?

Well, the short answer is its a painting! A typewriter does not write a play, and contrary to popular belief a good camera does not compose and edit a good photo.

Just as pencils or brushes are artist's tools, a digital tablet and stylus with unique brushes are tools to paint.

Is it REAL art? Yes!


Isn't it just a filter, pushing a button?

No! digital Paintings can take hours, days or months. Some artists trace designs- I prefer to start from scratch on physical paper with graphite, then import and paint digitally. check out part of the process below:

 Fast Forwarded this video of a quick 30 min master study ...

Honors & Awards Include:


Corel Painter Print Magazine
Issue 13, UK
Interview & 4 page feature, inclusion on magazine CD

Catapult Print Magazine

Issue 13

two page full colour images

Musetouch Print Magazine
2 works featured online
November 2011

Practical Photoshop
Print Magazine

Issue 22

Literary Journal 3:1

Cover, Back cover, and inclusion
of photographs and paintings
in magazine

Winner Cover contest

Frist Center
for the Visual Arts

December 2014

Voyage Phoenix Magazine Interview & Feature

August 14, 2018